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This is more pictures of [one] the foldout cards [there were two, the other was CHIDET]

I didn't understand this card because the one team has 6 skaters but no goalie.  There was no story about the game it was from [like if the goalie was pulled so their team could have an extra skater] or any explanation why Jonas Hiller wasn't there wasn't with his team.  The other card had 5 skaters and a goalie on each side. 

This guy [Bourque]  was REALLY damaged more than the normal worn sides.  He had a big scrape across the back of the card.



This card had 2 people [I never heard of them before] with a flag patch and was worth $100

It had some kind of dirt or something on the corner of the card.  You can see it  alittl ein the picture here [the corner was OK if the dirt wasn't there].



This is a card of a guy named Mike Modano.  It was one of 10 [i guess 9 now] so I don't know how much he was worth.


 need to Scroll over to see it]


This guy wasn't worth a lot of money but he used to be on our team [Flyers] until we had to trade away all of our good skaters to pay our new goalie. 

Ville Leino

The picture here shows all the wear [mostly along the bottom edge]

Also the frame around his outfit is bent:



Marty and Friends

Worn Down Corners

I like Marty too because he is a goalie.  [He was on the card I wanted to get too] This card would have been nice because his firiends are on the card with him and their outfits are the right color.  [Sometimes the outfit cards have pieces of an outfit which were from a different team then the one they are on in the card.  This one was not like that.]


I don't like this guy, but lots of other people do and I could have traded him for cards with his team's goalie on them.  His corners were ok and his swatch was a pretty gold color but he had white where the edges rubbed off.


I will send more of the pictures later when they were uploaded.  It is very late now [East Coast time] and my birthday was spent taking pictures and writing about all of the used cards I bought. 


I have a redemption card for another goalie card, but if I add the code to my account will it be damaged like the other cards?  [The redemption cards were the only one that didn't have any damage on it.]  It was for a ticket card with the goalie Giggy on it and some other giuy I don't know of. 


The other foldout card I didn't upload picture of is damaged too.  It didn't have all the goalies on it like the one I wanted but there was a goalie on each team.  It was CHI-DET.  The goalie for the DET team had a cool beanie hat ontop of his mask.  All the players had the right color swatches on that one too, but the edges are all rubbed off like the other one. 


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