The NaughtyGirl Boutique is Implementing New Shipping Policies
We use only United States Postal Service for both Domestic and International Shipping
Handling Policy for Custom Order Items
 There is up to a 5 Business Day Domestic Handling time on all In-Stock Items. 
When adding an item to your cart, you will see if the item is a custom order or 'in-stock' item.  In order to bring a wider variety of colors, designs, and sizes TNG will list items available from our manufacturer which may not be on-hand or in-stock at the current time.  By ordering the items on an as-needed basis instead of pre-purchasing large supplies of pieces, we can keep costs down and pass this savings on to you.  We try to ship custom order pieces within 5-10 business days of receiving your payment.  Our manufacturers have minimum orders and additional shipping fees so it is neccesary to place only weekly or bi-weekly orders with our manufacturers.  Some manufacturers are located overseas which can also delay our ability to get the product to you.  There may be up to a maximum of a 30-day [calendar month] delay.  See below for refund policy on if the piece can not be obtained after 30 days.  If custom order items are needed sooner, please contact us prior to purchase to see if we can accomodate earlier shipping.  These pieces are ordered special for you from the manufacturer. 
If for any reason we are unable to order a custom piece right away, or have difficulty obtaining the piece we will let you know.  Any piece we can not have in-hand to ship to you after 30 days of receiving your cleared payment will be refunded to you. If you need an aproximate time frame for any custom order pieces, please contact us.  We can let you know if it may be in stock, is on the way, or how long it may take for us to receive.   
United States Shipping
For items less then 1 pound, First Class Shipping with Delivery Confirmation from the USPS (United States Postal Service) is used.  This can take several days, especially to the West Coast.  You should receive notification when payment is received, an another notification within 5 business days when the item has been shipped.  Please allow at least one week from this shipping notification before contacting us for tracking information.  We are not respond to shipping/tracking inquiries received for First Class mail prior to that time.  We apologize for this inconvenience, however to expedite shipping of all packages, we cannot respond to all of the emails weekly from customers who do not read or understand this policy or have expectations of First Class Shipping to arrive within 1 - 2 days.  We hope by implementing this policy we will be able to expedite your order.
United States Priority Shipping
For items greater then 1 pound, Priority Shipping with Delivery Confirmation from the USPS (United States Postal Service) is used. There is still a 5 Business Day Domestic Handling Time, however the USPS will usually ship these packages more quickly.  As stated above in regards to emailing us for tracking information, please allow 1 week from receiving shipping notification before requesting tracking numbers.  Please understand this is so that we can expedite all orders.
 Other United States Shipping
If Next Day or Express Shipping, or handling time in less then 5 business days, please contact us for availability prior to making your purchase. 
 International Shipping
We only offer 2 forms of International Shipping, "USPS First Class International Mail with No Customs Forms" (Less then 1 Pound Only) and "USPS EMS Express Mail"
USPS First Class Mail Service is used to offer low cost International Shipping.  Packages weighing less then 1 pound will be sent using this method.  As with our US Based mail, there is still a 5 day handling time period for any shipping on In-Stock Orders.  You will receive an email from us when payment is received and another within 5 business days when it is ready for shipping.  USPS International  First Class shipping service takes aproximately 2 weeks to reach Canada, the UK, and most of Europe.  In some cases we have seen it take up to 3 weeks to reach some Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan.  There is no insurance, tracking or delivery confirmation available to us for First Class packages.  This is not a service that the USPS provides.  Please do not contact us for this information on First Class Packages.  The only USPS Shipping option which allows us to provide tracking and insurance is USPS Express Mail.  The starting cost for this service from the USPS is $25.00. 
All packages over 1 pound will be sent via USPS Express Shipping with Insurance and Tracking.  If your order is less then 1 US pound and you wish to use Express Mail to receive tracking and insurance at a cost of $25.00, please select that option in the shipping options. 
Any 14K Solid Gold Jewelry and some other high end items may automatically register at 1 US Pound when calculating shipping costs as they require Delivery Confirmation and Insurance when being shipped Internationally. 
When purchasing a large number of items (United States or International) shipping prices may miscalculate the class of shipping and display an unreasonably high cost for shipping. 
This is due to some items having a default weight of 1 pound to force a higher class of shipping.  If the shipping costs seem unreasonable, please save your shoping cart and contact us so we can corrct the shipping for you.  It is not our intent to overcharge for shipping however our current software does not have a mechanism to allow us to specify shipping prices on a per item basis so we can correctly mark items requiring Higher Shipping Classes and Insurance.  We will be more then glad to review shipping costs for you based on actual weight and costs if you request this.  In cases where the shipping was miscalculated due to this issue, we may automatically refund shipping costs if already paid for. 
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